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Agora Livestock, established in 2018 as LIVEstock Pricing, has transformed into a comprehensive platform offering price discovery, market access, and supply chain efficiency for livestock stakeholders in Australia. Despite its recent inception, Agora Livestock leverages years of industry expertise to cater to the needs of buyers, sellers, and agents in the livestock market.

Company Overview

Agora Livestock has transformed into a comprehensive platform, offering price discovery, market access, and supply chain efficiency for livestock stakeholders in Australia. The company facilitates direct market bids for sheep, cattle, and goats from processors, feedlots, live exports, and traders, combining them with saleyard reports. This integration enhances market information for farmers and buyers, providing a digital stockbook for efficient sales capture, confirmation sending to sellers, and tracking of upcoming and historical deliveries. With over 9,000 registered users across Australia, Agora Livestock is at the forefront of revolutionising livestock transactions.

Agora Investment Highlights


Agora Livestock was founded on the basic premise that it should be easy for buyers and sellers of livestock to find each other. In the context of today's technology-driven society, it argues that individuals shouldn't have to rely on outdated saleyard prices to inform their future decisions. The platform enables sellers to discover who is interested in buying their livestock and allows buyers to easily find those who are selling the livestock they wish to purchase.


Agora Livestock is grounded in the belief that the decision of whom to conduct transactions with should rest solely with the buyers and sellers, not intermediaries. As a company, Agora Livestock does not engage in buying, selling, or trading livestock, nor does it operate as a livestock agency. This independence is a cornerstone of its market position, enabling the platform to build trust with over 12,000 producers and 100 livestock buyers. It's precisely this autonomy that has propelled the product to its current standing in the industry.

Accessibility to Prices

Agora Livestock does not compel buyers and sellers to alter their business practices. Instead, it provides them with the necessary tools to make well-informed decisions and to tap into a broader range of markets.

Agora Marketplace

Agora Livestock Marketplace is tailored for its community of over 7,000 users, streamlining the buying and selling process of livestock with an array of advanced features.

Automated Alerts and Listings: Upon setting a price, Agora instantly notifies sellers who have matching saved searches. Sellers can monitor the number of users viewing their listings and send alerts to indicate their market presence.

Direct Communication: When a seller makes an enquiry, the buyer receives an email and SMS containing the seller's contact information and message, facilitating direct negotiations over the livestock on offer.

Broadcast Updates: The platform's broadcast feature allows users to efficiently communicate with their suppliers about current stock bookings, enhancing operational coordination.

Price Visibility Control: Agora respects the importance of privacy in pricing. Users have the ability to restrict price visibility to specific contacts or use "Price on Application" (POA) for those preferring not to disclose their prices publicly.

Digital Record-Keeping: Agora includes a digital stockbook feature for easy entry of purchase or sale records, ensuring that all transactions are tracked and team members are kept informed with daily updates.

Marketplace Listings: For those looking to sell, creating a marketplace listing on Agora offers a straightforward path to reaching a broader audience, enhancing the chances of connecting with suitable buyers.

Access to Market Data: The Agora Livestock Markets app provides real-time access to prices from feedlots, live exporters, and abattoirs, keeping users informed of market trends.

Subscription to Saleyard Reports: Users can subscribe to saleyard reports of interest and receive alerts when new reports are published, ensuring they stay updated with the latest market insights.

Custom Alerts for Prices and Searches: Agora allows users to save their search parameters and preferred prices to receive alerts when new matching prices are listed, aiding in making informed decisions promptly.

Agora Livestock Marketplace revolutionies the way livestock buyers and sellers engage with each other, offering a suite of tools designed to foster informed, efficient, and direct transactions within the livestock industry.

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Rob Kelly

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