Bryah Resources Ltd (ASX:BYH)

Exploring and developing critical minerals assets in Western Australia.

About Us

An innovative, well funded Western Australian Gold, Copper, Lithium, nickel and Manganese exploration specialist.

Company Overview

Bryah Resources Limited is a pioneering and well-funded exploration company based in Western Australia, dedicated to the exploration and discovery of the energy metals that will shape the future. Specialising in gold, copper, lithium, nickel, and manganese, Bryah Resources stands at the forefront of innovation in the exploration sector, focusing on high-potential projects in key resource-rich areas.

The company prides itself on being an exploration specialist with a comprehensive portfolio of quality assets strategically located in Western Australia, a Tier 1 exploration jurisdiction. Western Australia's reputation as a premier exploration destination positions Bryah Resources at the epicenter of the global quest for essential energy metals. The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its diverse range of projects, each with its own unique potential and significance.

Among its notable projects, Bryah Resources has a strong presence in the Bryah Basin, where it is actively exploring for copper. Copper is a vital component in various industries, including renewable energy and electric vehicles, making the Bryah Basin project a key contributor to the global supply chain. The Lake Johnson project, focused on lithium exploration, aligns with the growing demand for lithium in the booming electric vehicle and energy storage markets. Additionally, the West Bryah project, centred on uranium, underscores Bryah Resources' commitment to diversifying its portfolio and contributing to the evolving energy landscape.

Bryah Resources Limited distinguishes itself not only through its strategic focus on energy metals but also through its dedication to maintaining a high standard of exploration assets. The company's projects are carefully chosen and strategically positioned to maximize their potential, reflecting a commitment to delivering value to shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Bryah Resources Ltd

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