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Driving sustainable growth, technological innovation, and responsible resource management

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Danakili Vision: “Our vision is to become a leading exploration and development company in Australia and Africa’s critical resources sector, driving sustainable growth, technological innovation, and responsible resource management.”

Оn 31 March 2023, Danakali Limited (ASX:DNK) completed the sale of its interest in the Colluli Mining Share Company to Sichuan Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd.

Having completed the CMSC disposal, Danakali’s efforts are focused on the identification of new projects for investment.

Company Overview

As a Leading Exploration and Development Company, Danakali's (DNK) aspiration is to lead the forefront of critical resource exploration and development globally. Leveraging expertise, technical capabilities, and strategic partnerships, consistently seek and unlock new sources of critical resources to contribute to economic growth and national security.

Guided by their commitment to Sustainable Growth, DNK strive for environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and economically viable expansion. DNK's exploration and development initiatives are grounded in sustainability principles, aiming to minimize ecological footprints and safeguard biodiversity. DNK prioritize harmonious collaboration with local communities, respecting their cultural values through open and transparent communication. Recognizing the paramount role of Technological Innovation, DNK harness advanced exploration techniques, modern extraction technologies, and efficient resource utilization in maximizing the potential of Australia and Africa's critical resources. The goal is to optimize resource recovery while minimizing environmental impact.

Dedicated to Responsible Resource Management, DNK upholds rigorous regulatory frameworks, implements robust health, safety, and environmental practices, and advocates the highest standards of corporate governance. Aiming to build a reputation for ethical operations, community engagement, and sustainable development.

Understanding the National Importance of the resources sector, DNK contribute to energy security, technological advancement, and self-sufficiency in critical resources. Through responsible exploration and development, DNK attract investment and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

In summary, DNK's vision signifies a commitment to leadership in the critical resources sector while prioritizing sustainability, innovation, responsible practices, and national importance. Striving to positively impact the resource landscape, fostering growth, development, and prosperity for current and future generations.

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