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EMV aim to change the Stroke Care paradigm and in doing so positively impact the lives of millions.

About Us

EMvision Medical Devices Limited is seeking to commercialise the EMvision Technology (“EMVT”) – innovative medical imaging / diagnostic technology originally developed by the University of Queensland.

Company Overview

The EMVT is a system for mapping dielectric parameters of tissue and processing data from low power microwave signals to rapidly reconstruct 3D imaging necessary for key medical diagnostic and monitoring purposes. Microwave imaging provides a different spatial resolution from that of a CT or MRI, with a high sensitivity to physiological factors of clinical interest, such as temperature, blood flow and water content. The potential advantages of microwave imaging arise from the high contrast of dielectric properties between healthy and unhealthy tissue.
Existing medical imaging techniques can be cumbersome, expensive and/or use high energy radiation, reducing their utility in several applications, including applications where rapid response times are desirable or where ongoing point of care monitoring is desirable to assess treatment efficacy.
The EMVT uses low energy microwave signals for imaging diagnostics, which is then processed using novel EMVT algorithms to enable 3D images to be generated, assisting diagnosis and monitoring providing rapid and portable utility that traditional EM imaging such as CT or MRI cannot offer. The use of low energy microwave signals allows the EMVT technology to be portable and potentially deployed by first response paramedics to assess patient conditions and facilitate ultra early and more effective treatment. The initial focus of the Company is the development of the EMVT for rapid and effective diagnosis and monitoring of stroke. Rapid diagnosis is necessary to enable prompt and effective treatment to minimise any loss of brain function following a stroke. Early treatment after a stroke is widely recognised as a key factor in minimising the effects of a stroke.

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