Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ECT)

Technology that enables the stable transition to net zero.

About Us

ECT bridges the gap between the current high emission reality and the zero-emission world of the future.

ECT’s technology aims to play a key role in the transitional pathway to net zero by utilising abundant low rank and waste fuel sources in a new, clean way.

ECT’s technology suite creates clean and reliable applications and products for the energy, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Company Overview

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT) is an Australian pioneer in the field of resource upgrading and conversion technologies, focusing on transforming low-value resources into high-grade, valuable products. ECT's flagship Coldry technology is a world-leading process for drying high moisture content coals, enabling their use in high-value applications while boasting a zero net CO2 footprint. The technology is fully owned by ECT and protected globally, with plans for the first commercial-scale plant underway. ECT's innovation extends to the HydroMOR technology for primary iron processing, significantly reducing manufacturing and energy costs by leveraging low-cost raw materials and an innovative thermo-chemical pathway. The company also ventures into hydrogen generation with COHgen and waste to diesel conversion through the recent acquisition of CDP-WTE technology, both enhancing Coldry's efficiency and market value.

ECT's mission is to bridge the gap towards a zero-emissions future by commercialising innovative technologies for the economic and environmental benefit of low-grade and waste resources. With core values centered on technology-driven solutions, frugal innovation, collaboration, integrity, and sustainability, ECT is committed to leading the commercialization of sustainable resource utilization technologies, embodying the vision of a cleaner, more efficient future.

Board & Management

Jason Marinko

Jason Marinko

Non-Executive Chairman

Jason is an experienced public company CEO, Director and Chairman, with expertise in the technology and investment banking industries and a proven track record in leading technologies to commercialisation.

Sam Rizzo

Sam Rizzo

Managing Director

Sam has extensive experience in delivering complex projects, renewable energy and supporting infrastructure and identifying how these can be configured to deliver optimal value. This involves a proven method for efficiently managing projects from development to full-scale commercial implementation.

James Blackburn

James Blackburn

Non-Executive Director

James has a strong executive background as a corporate development practitioner with over 24 years experience in governance, operational, and technical roles across research, investment and corporate services disciplines. 

Glenn Fozard

Glenn Fozard

Chief Operating Officer

Glenn is an experienced commercial leader with over 16 years experience in finance and capital markets at both board and executive level with a particular focus on R&D, Cleantech and Agricultural sectors. 

Martin Hill

Martin Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Martin joined the Company in 2017 as CFO, bringing extensive experience in the areas of general management and accounting across a range of industries, including manufacturing, finance and service providers.

Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore

Chief Engineer

Ashley is a Chartered Professional Engineer, with extensive experience in all facets of manufacturing, plant operations, supply chain management, sales & marketing and major project delivery from 30+ years in industry.

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited

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