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Manganese exploration in Timor-Leste and Western Australia.

About Us

Estrella Resources Limited is an Australian mineral exploration company focused on discovering and developing nickel resources. The company aims to meet the increasing global demand for nickel, a critical component in the production of batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

Company Overview

Estrella Resources Limited (ASX: ESR) is a leading exploration company committed to the discovery and development of high-grade nickel sulphide deposits in Western Australia. Founded in 2011, the company leverages advanced exploration techniques and a highly experienced team to identify and develop significant mineral resources. Estrella's strategic focus is on projects that have the potential to become substantial, long-life mining operations, contributing to the sustainable supply of nickel for the global market.

With a portfolio of promising exploration assets, Estrella Resources is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for nickel driven by the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors. The company is dedicated to maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship and community engagement as it advances its exploration projects.

Board & Management

Leslie Pereira

Leslie Pereira

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Pereira is an experienced investor and businessman, with a strong involvement in small companies and maximising their potential value. Mr. Pereira was heavily involved in driving the growth of Majestic Resources / Petra Diamonds – now merged with Petra Diamonds – and, subsequently, Kangaroo Resources (Indonesia) where Mr. Pereira assisted the organisation to become a going concern in the coal industry.

Based in Western Australia, Mr. Pereira is excited to be involved with the development of Estrella Resources and intends to be a hands on Chairman, making himself available to discuss its progress with shareholders and investors alike.

John Kingswood

John Kingswood

Non-Executive Director

Mr Kingswood has a strong track record of identifying potential projects and implementing effective business strategies. He has successfully been involved with some of Western Australia’s largest projects – from BHP RGP3, 5 and 6 and Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond underground operations.

Mr Kingswood is currently a Director of Nimbus Mines Pty Ltd (a resource investment group) and Mt Edwards Lithium Pty Ltd. 

Christopher Daws

Christopher Daws

Managing Director

Mr Daws has strong experience in running junior resources Companies, including previous involvement with Niagara Mining (Poseidon), US Nickel and KMC Limited.

Mr Daws is a Director and founder of Apollo “Phoenix” Resources Pty Ltd and a Director of Nimbus Mines Pty Ltd.

Steve Brockhurst

Steve Brockhurst

Company Secretary

Mr Brockhurst has 15 years’ experience in the finance and corporate advisory industry and is a Director of Mining Corporate Pty Ltd. His experience includes corporate and capital restructuring, corporate advisory, company secretarial services, capital raising, ASX and ASIC compliance requirements.

Mr Brockhurst has served on the Board and acted as Company Secretary for numerous ASX listed and private companies.

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