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Powering the future with sustainable biomass products.

About Us

Foresta utilises sustainable forestry resources to manufacture wood pellets and wood-based chemicals, as a replacement for coal and petrochemicals.

Company Overview

Foresta Group Holdings Limited is at the forefront of revolutionising the energy industry through its plant in Rotorua, New Zealand, where the company manufactures pine chemicals and pine wood pellets. Serving as a clean energy source, these wood pellets aim to directly replace coal, marking a significant shift in the approach to sustainable energy. Foresta's visionary team is committed to more than just the production of pine-related products; it is dedicated to transforming the forestry industry by implementing sustainable practices and fostering partnerships with wood pellet customers and forestry providers. The company prioritises clean and safe manufacturing processes, recognising the profound impact its products have on various markets and industries.

Foresta's commitment to sustainability extends to its operations, adopting a best supplier, best practice approach that emphasises energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The company has developed a patented extraction process for renewable natural chemicals, utilising the natural oils of pine trees, thereby reducing extra processing and petrochemicals by nearly 25%. By increasing the potential income from pine wood, Foresta ensures a truly sustainable future while contributing to the real decarbonisation of the nation. Founded in 2017 as Essential Queensland Pty Ltd, the company transitioned its operations to New Zealand, acquiring a large-scale commercial plant in Rotorua under the name Foresta (NZ) Limited, highlighting its commitment to the potential in the forestry supply sector.

Board & Management

Henry Cheng

Henry Cheng

Non-Executive Chairman

A part of senior management and board executive team with over 35 years of extensive experience in international business, resources, insurance, investment, finance and banking.

Ray Mountfort

Ray Mountfort

Managing Director

For the last 20 years Ray has been primarily involved in the pine chemicals industry, working to establish his vision of sustainable natural hydrocarbon based chemical production.

Maurice Fabiani

Maurice Fabiani

Non-Executive Director

Dr Maurice Fabiani PhD MBA GAICD is a senior management and board executive with over 30 years experience and expertise in international business as well as the biomedical/biotechnology and related health areas. He has an extensive professional background having held senior roles in business, academia, biomedical/biotechnology industry and not-for-profit sector.

Foresta Group Holdings Limited

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