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FP Paradigm is a plastics recycling technology developer, focusing on innovative solutions for recycling PET and creating sustainable polymers for use in food and beverage packaging.

Company Overview

FP Paradigm Pty Ltd is an early-stage private company co-owned by Eduard Alcordo and New South Innovations Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Established in collaboration with UNSW, FP Paradigm engages in groundbreaking research to develop efficient recycling processes for PET and to synthesise sustainable polymers. The company operates under a portfolio of projects aimed at addressing critical issues in plastic recycling and sustainable packaging solutions. With backing from both the academic and private sectors, FP Paradigm strives to transform the recycling landscape and contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts.

Project A - Efficient PET Recycling

Project A is a pioneering initiative by FP Paradigm Pty Ltd aimed at transforming the recycling of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), a widely used plastic in food and beverage packaging. This project develops a novel recycling process that uses organic solvents to break down PET into its monomer components, allowing it to be reassembled into new PET without any loss of material quality.

The process stands out for its ability to potentially enable the infinite recycling of PET. Traditional recycling methods often degrade PET quality over time, but FP Paradigm's method maintains the integrity of the PET, meaning it can be recycled repeatedly without degradation. This breakthrough is considered a game-changer in the industry, offering a sustainable solution to global plastic waste challenges.

The project is currently transitioning from the research phase to pilot testing. FP Paradigm is preparing to run a pilot-lab scale extrusion machine that will produce plastics from feedstock sourced using the organic solvent process. The success of this pilot could lead to commercial-scale applications and licensing opportunities, significantly impacting the plastic recycling industry by providing a scalable, sustainable method for PET reuse.

Project B - Sustainable Polymers for Plastic Thermoforming

Project B, spearheaded by FP Paradigm Pty Ltd, focuses on the synthesis of sustainable polymers suitable for plastic thermoforming applications. The project aims to develop new polymers from biomass materials, thereby reducing reliance on virgin plastic materials and promoting environmental sustainability.

The core technology involves breaking down suitable biomass into monomers and then rebuilding these into new polymers. This innovative approach not only utilizes renewable resources but also integrates seamlessly into existing industrial processes, potentially revolutionising the production of biodegradable and sustainable plastic products.

Currently, Project B has achieved success in bench-scale production, demonstrating the feasibility of creating polymers that blend up to 30% biomass-derived material with traditional plastic. Moving forward, FP Paradigm plans to refine this technology to increase the biomass content and begin testing these materials in commercial extrusion processes. The ultimate goal is to commercialise these sustainable polymers, offering the market a greener alternative to conventional plastics.

Project F - Green Chemistry for Food and Beverage Packaging

Project F is a critical component of FP Paradigm Pty Ltd's suite of sustainability projects, focusing on the use of green chemistry to revolutionise food and beverage packaging. This project aims to convert recycled material into usable monomer precursors, such as ethylene, which can then be utilised to manufacture sustainable plastics.

Leveraging innovative green chemistry techniques, Project F recycles waste material into valuable chemicals that serve as the building blocks for creating new plastics. This approach not only helps reduce waste but also significantly lowers the environmental impact compared to traditional plastic production methods.

Project F is in the development phase, with promising progress in creating an efficient process for converting captured carbon dioxide into ethylene—a key component in the production of polyethylene plastics. The project has moved from batch-based systems to more efficient flow systems, mimicking industrial processes and enhancing scalability. FP Paradigm aims to optimize this technology further, with the goal of commercializing a method to produce high-demand plastics from greenhouse gases, thus contributing to carbon recycling and reduction efforts.

The Australian Packaging Covenant and Opportunities for FP Paradigm

The Australian Packaging Covenant is a voluntary initiative involving government and industry aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of packaging. Updated in 2018, the Covenant set ambitious targets, including making 100% of packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025, and achieving 70% recycling or composting of plastic packaging by the same year.

As of 2023, Australia is falling short of these targets, with only 39% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted, and the average recycled content across all packaging at 18%. The failure to meet these targets indicates a significant gap in the current recycling infrastructure and technologies.

FP Paradigm's innovative recycling technologies, particularly those developed in Project A for PET recycling, position the company to capitalise on these shortcomings. By offering a technology that can infinitely recycle PET without degrading its quality, FP Paradigm aligns well with national goals and stands to benefit from increased demand for effective recycling solutions. The imminent stricter regulations and potential new legislations, such as a plastic tax, further enhance FP Paradigm's opportunity to become a key player in Australia's push towards achieving its 2025 packaging targets.

Board & Management

Eduard Alcordo

Eduard Alcordo


Eduard Alcordo has been a Director of First Pacific Capital Underwriters since 1989. In 2021 he set up FP Paradigm Pty Ltd with a focus on impact investing, partnering with the University of New South Wales in a breakthrough sustainable packaging initiative.  Mr Alcordo was Director of the Macquarie University Foundation. He has been in the Australian capital markets since 1984, having worked as Executive Director at First National Securities (a subsidiary of National Australia Bank), Fay Richwhite, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Advance Bank Australia.

Eduard has led several listed companies in Australia. He was Chairman of Asia Pacific Power and Light Limited, Qmator, and was a Director of Kolback Limited. He was actively involved in developing 18 power plants around the world, including one in Queensland powering 22,000 homes between Brisbane and the Gold Coast with green energy. He was the foundation shareholder of East Asia Power Resources with 450 megawatts, which was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. He was Chairman of AusBio, the allograph medical device company in New South Wales. Mr Alcordo was President of the Australia Philippines Business Council from 2012-2021. 

Ian Gibbons

Ian Gibbons

Executive Committee Member

Professor Ian Gibson has over 30 years of experience as a computer scientist and engineer and at executive level R&D management. He has led the research, development, and global commercialisation of new technology across a broad range of electrical engineering, computer science and digital imaging. Professor Gibson was the founding CEO of Intersect Australia Ltd (2008 - 2015). Prior to this Professor Gibson was General Manager at CiSRA, the Australian R&D lab for Canon Inc, where he built research capability over several years to deliver world-leading technology into a wide range of Canon's major product groups generating hundreds of patents along the way. 

Professor Gibson's technology has been shipped in over a billion units worldwide, and he has secured over $200m in research funds from a variety of sources.

Mal Eutick

Mal Eutick

Executive Committee Member

Dr Eutick has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Sydney and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from Universite de Dijon, France. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for Services to Biotechnology. He is the Director of Europharma. Dr Eutick founded Phebra Limited, Australia’s largest injectable pharmaceutical company. Dr Eutick has also held the following positions: 

  • Former Chairman of Progen Industries, a Pharmaceutical Company.  
  • ·Former CEO of Tuta Healthcare, a sterile medical plastics company.  
  • Former Director of AusBio Limited, an allograph company in New South Wales.  
  • Former Director of Cottee Health International, a tablets and liquids manufacturing plant for pharmaceutical company Aventis.  
  • Former Chairman of Bioquest Ltd, a specialist in antibodies 
  • ·Former Director of the Australian Museum. 
Steven Commerford

Steven Commerford

Project Manager

Steven Commerford is an industry leader with over 20 years’ experience in Food and Beverage. Disciplines range from strategic marketing, brand development, innovation, category, sales and business development, Steven is respected for his ability to lead businesses through significant growth. 

Holding a BA Commerce- Marketing (WSU) and Dip Food Technology, Steven has commercial experience across all sectors of the FMCG industry. He has experience with accelerating growth for tier-1 consumer brands such as Coca-Cola, Grinders Coffee, Dare Iced Coffee and Kettle Chips. With a passion for sustainability, Steven was part of leading the change in coffee-sourcing practices through FairTrade and initiatives to tackle key issues related to recycling of coffee packaging. 

Steven is connecting industrial partners that are looking to accelerate their sustainability goals and address key sustainability issues within the plastics industry. 

Hamish Manton

Hamish Manton

Project Manager

 Hamish is an accomplished Quality Assurance and Biotech Specialist, known for his unwavering commitment to excellence, with a solid foundation in Agile methodologies, project management, and laboratory techniques. His diverse skill set encompasses quality management, troubleshooting, and meticulous documentation. His aspiration is to further advance his expertise, contributing to cutting-edge innovations in biotechnology and laboratory sciences, all while nurturing strong interpersonal connections and a collaborative workplace culture.

Hamish completed his studies of Advanced Science, Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Macquarie University and pursued a career in Chemical analysis. His most recent role as Senior Quality Analyst with Inventia Life Science clearly demonstrates his commitment to quality assurance, risk assessment and process improvement. His strong academic and commercial acumen provide him with a fine skillset well suited to our projects.

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