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From farm to table sustainably.

About Us

Greenspace ESG delivers a managed service model of fresh food that revolutionises the traditional food supply chain, creating carbon-neutral circular food production "farmhoods." Utilising data-driven technology and efficient land usage, Greenspace ESG cultivates sustainable living crops, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and boosting community wellness. The company is dedicated to embedding edible biophilia within the built environment, fundamentally transforming the methodologies of food production and consumption.

Company Overview

GreenSpace responds to evolving consumer demands in the food supply, emphasising safety, transparency, personalisation, and sustainability. The company embraces vertical farming, offering a controlled environment as an alternative to conventional farming. Amid the climate emergency, deforestation, and biodiversity crisis, a shift toward indoor food production is seen as essential. GreenSpace champions carbon efficiency in agriculture, anticipating transformative and fast-tracked disruptive innovations. The company recognises the growing demand for sustainable, healthy, and ethical eating, particularly for those seeking a primarily plant-based diet. Urban community vertical farming emerges as a solution for prosperous and resilient urban lifestyles at scale, aligning with the inevitable shift toward indoor production for various crops in the face of the net-zero challenge posed to the agriculture industry.

Board & Management

Peter Fox

Peter Fox

CEO & Founder

With over 30 years of experience in technology, media, travel, and data, Peter is a visionary entrepreneur and a seasoned technology executive who invents, builds, and grows digital transformation platforms. Peter have a multifunctional background and a passion for developing new technologies that expand our perspectives, defend climate change, improve wellness, and urban lifestyle. Currently, the Founder/CEO of Greenspace ESG, a company that makes cities sustainable with integrated hyperlocal community vertical farm networks.

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