KC8 Capture Technologies

KC8 is commercialising industry leading carbon capture technology.

About Us

KC8 Capture Technologies Ltd (KC8), previously known as UNO Technology Pty Ltd, is committed to making a difference by lowering greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Our technology will reduce the impact of anthropogenic climate change to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Company Overview

With over two decades of experience in the chemical and processing industries, the team at KC8 has cultivated expertise enabling the development of innovative solutions to address the global carbon capture challenge. Drawing on knowledge acquired from established technologies, they have devised novel methods to reduce the costs associated with carbon capture.

KC8's technologies are shaped by a commitment to minimizing capture expenses. This commitment is evident in the processes utilized, the equipment designed, and the integration approaches employed with clients. As a result, KC8 has successfully produced the safest and most tolerant solvent, showcasing the most energy-efficient pathway for CO2 removal currently accessible in the market.

KC8 Capture Technologies

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