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About Us

Memphasys Ltd is a reproductive biotechnology company driven by market needs to provide reproduction and fertility solutions for humans and animals alike. Products in the development pipeline include a range of devices, media, and in vitro diagnostic solutions.

Company Overview

Memphasys, an Australian-listed company (ASX: MEM), initially specialised in proprietary electrophoresis and polymer membrane technology. Their primary focus was on the development of the Felix™ device, utilising this technology to facilitate the separation of sperm from semen. Collaborating with Distinguished Emeritus Laureate Professor John Aitken and his team at the Priority Research Centre for Reproductive Science at the University of Newcastle, Australia, the Felix™ device emerged as their inaugural product.

Subsequently, Memphasys strategically shifted its business development towards the artificial reproduction and fertility market, deepening its research collaboration with Professor John Aitken and the University of Newcastle team. Presently, a dedicated group of seven researchers at the University of Newcastle is engaged in advancing devices, media, and point-of-care diagnostic products within the realms of human and animal reproduction and fertility.

The Felix™ device, specialising in sperm separation technology, has transitioned into commercial production and is available for sale in early access countries, including India, Canada, and New Zealand. Memphasys is actively conducting clinical studies and preparing regulatory certifications in China and Australia, underscoring their commitment to advancing reproductive science technologies.

Board & Management

Robert Cooke

Robert Cooke

Non-Executive Chairman

Robert has more than 40 years’ experience in healthcare, spanning executive leadership of publicly listed and privately owned healthcare companies, overseeing numerous M&A transactions, and management of private and public hospitals in Australia, Asia and the UK.

Robert was MD & CEO of Healthscope (2010-2017), a leading private hospital, medical centre, and pathology company. Robert is currently Non-Executive Chair of OptiScan Imaging (ASX: OIL), a global leader in the development of microscopic imaging.

Alison Coutts

Alison Coutts

Managing Director & CEO

Alison has a Chemical Engineering degree and a Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology from the University of Melbourne and an MBA with distinction from the Melbourne Business School.

Alison has extensive experience across several industry sectors and disciplines. These include international engineering project management with Bechtel Corporation in the UK, USA and New Zealand and strategy consulting with the Boston Consulting group, as well as working with Egon Zehnder International.

Alison has also worked with eG Capital, which she co-founded. She also co-founded ASX-listed Micro-X. Alison was formerly the Chair of CSIRO’s Health Sector Advisory Council.

Andrew Goodall

Andrew Goodall

Non-Executive Director

Andrew has served as a Director on the Memphasys Ltd Board since March 2012.

Andrew is an entrepreneur with a wealth of business and commercial experience who has successfully established several businesses throughout his career in Australia and New Zealand. With extensive experience in Commercial Property Investment, Andrew is currently involved in the management of his substantial commercial property interests in New Zealand. Andrew has been a significant shareholder in Memphasys for many years.

Paul Wright

Paul Wright

Non-Executive Director

Paul has served as a Director on the Memphasys Ltd Board since March 2020. Paul holds a Master of Engineering degree from Cambridge University, UK and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Paul has more than 30 years’ experience as a highly skilled executive in strategic consulting and the development and sales of innovative medical devices and diagnostic tools. Paul’s background includes developing and implementing commercialisation strategies from early research and development through to developing global product sales channels.

Paul has experience in building distribution partnerships and the direct selling and marketing of highly innovative products internationally. During the past two decades, he has worked as CEO for three leading international Australian technology companies focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices and diagnostic instruments.

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