Mitre Mining Corporation Limited (ASX:MMC)

A significant ready-to-go underground & open pit silver-gold mine in the Deseado Massif, Chile.

About Us

Mitre Mining Corporation Limited is based in the renowned eastern Lachlan Fold Belt near Batemans Bay, NSW, benefiting from a mining-friendly jurisdiction and strong local support. The company targets a diverse range of prospects, including Reduced Intrusion Related Gold Systems (RIRGS) and pegmatites rich in lithium and rare earth elements, critical for modern technologies.

With a legacy underscored by historical mines like the Dargues Gold Mine and Moruya Gold Mine, Mitre Mining is poised to advance its exploration efforts in this mineral-rich region. Committed to sustainable development and community engagement, the company aims to unlock the significant potential of its holdings while maintaining environmental stewardship.

Company Overview

Mitre Mining Corporation Limited (ASX:MMC) is an Australian exploration company, laser-focused on discovering gold and base metals within the historically rich eastern Lachlan Fold Belt near Batemans Bay, New South Wales. Leveraging the untapped potential of its primary project, EL9146, Mitre Mining aims to revolutionise exploration in an area known for its historical gold occurrences but lacking in modern exploration efforts.

Situated in a mining-friendly jurisdiction, Mitre Mining is not just about gold; the company also explores for lithium and rare earth elements, critical for today's technologies, within Reduced Intrusion Related Gold Systems (RIRGS) and lithium-rich pegmatites. This strategic diversification positions Mitre Mining at the forefront of supporting the global tech industry's supply chain.

With a commitment to sustainable development and community engagement, Mitre Mining seeks to balance ambitious exploration with environmental stewardship. As it pursues new discoveries in a region with a storied mining legacy, Mitre Mining is set on unlocking the significant potential of its holdings, aiming for a future where its contributions to the mining sector and community welfare are both profound and positive.

Board & Management

Ray Shorrocks

Ray Shorrocks

Interim Executive Director

Mr Shorrocks is currently also Executive Chairman of Auteco Minerals (ASX: AUT) and Non-Executive Director of Cygnus Metals (ASX: CY5) and was the founding Executive Chairman of Bellevue Gold (ASX: BGL). He has more than 27 years’ experience in corporate finance in the mining sector and has advised a diverse range of resources companies during his career at one of Australia’s largest investment banking and stockbroking/financial services firms.​

Patrick Gowens

Patrick Gowens

Non-Executive Chairman

Patrick Gowans is a partner of Quinert Rodda and Associates, a Melbourne law firm. Patrick has over 10 years’ experience in corporate and commercial law with a focus on equity capital markets, ASX compliance and corporate governance which includes advising a number of ASX listed mining exploration entities.

Carl Travaglini

Carl Travaglini

Non-Executive Director

Mr Travaglini is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Company Secretary with over 15 years’ experience in the resources sector, having served in various executive finance and company secretarial roles in Australia, Canada and Africa. Mr Travaglini is also the CFO of Midas Minerals (MM1) and Bellavista Resources (BVR) and CFO and Joint Company Secretary of Cygnus Metals Limited (CY5).

Maddison Cramer

Maddison Cramer

Company Secretary

Ms Cramer is a corporate lawyer with experience in both the listed and unlisted space, advising entities across a variety of different sectors, but with a focus on mining and resources. She recently co-founded boutique corporate services business Belltree Corporate and is currently a company secretary at ASX-listed exploration companies AuTECO Minerals Ltd (ASX: AUT) and Cygnus Metals Limited (ASX: CY5), having previously been a company secretary at ASX300 company Bellevue Gold Ltd (ASX: BGL). 

Mitre Mining Corporation Limited

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