Nanollose Limited (ASX:NC6)

Australian based biotechnology company advancing innovative microbial cellulose.

About Us

Nanollose Limited (NC6) is an Australian based biotechnology company that deals in the research and development, and promotion of the Company's microbial cellulose technology.

Company Overview

Nanollose introduces Jelli GrowTM, an innovative seed germination and plant growing material crafted from the Company's Tree-Free Microbial Cellulose. This organic, biodegradable, and edible product has demonstrated exceptional growing medium capabilities, boasting high water retention properties. Jelli GrowTM simplifies the process of growing food and plants in various environments by effortlessly incorporating seeds into the material.

In response to the rising popularity of soilless substrates in horticulture, Jelli GrowTM stands out as an eco-friendly alternative. Its ability to regulate water, nutrient supply, and combat soil-borne diseases makes it a compelling choice. Unlike many existing options, Jelli GrowTM is edible, free from synthetic components, and fully biodegradable.

Nanollose Limited

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