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Onshore Petroleum, Natural Hydrogen and Helium Exploration in Australia.

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Targeting major petroleum accumulations within under-explored onshore Australian sedimentary basins - one of the last wildcat frontiers.

Company Overview

Petrex, was founded with a mission to target significant petroleum accumulations in onshore Australian sedimentary basins, employing cutting-edge and cost-effective exploration techniques. Conducting a thorough assessment of the Officer Basin, the company initially sought seven large special prospecting authorities in Western Australia, accompanied by acreage options.

Following a successful airborne survey using Airborne ElectroMagnetic (AEM) – Passive Transient Pulse (PTP) technology to detect hydrocarbon leakage, Petrex expanded its pursuit, applying for 14 petroleum permits. The exploration scope further broadened to include the search for natural hydrogen and helium, leveraging the Officer Basin's potential for generating and trapping these small molecule gases.

Petrex, demonstrating adept negotiation skills, successfully navigated native title discussions, resulting in the granting of two permits, while the remaining 12 permit applications are progressing positively through negotiations. To amplify its presence, Petrex strategically extended its acreage position into South Australia, initiating applications for eight petroleum exploration licenses, currently undergoing native title negotiations.

With a commitment to pioneering exploration and community engagement, Petrex continues to navigate the dynamic landscape, poised for further successes in unlocking the untapped energy potential within these Australian basins.

Petrex Australia Ltd

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