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The world's fastest true end-to-end digital twin solution.

About Us

Pointerra is an ASX-listed company with a patented cloud-based platform, Pointerra3D, which is a true end-to-end solution that stores, processes, manages, analyses, extracts, visualises and shares the key insights from massive 3D data at a new level of speed, smarts and scale

Company Overview

Pointerra, headquartered in Australia and operating in Australasia and North America, is dedicated to globally commercialising its cutting-edge 3D technology solution. This innovative platform is designed to facilitate digital asset management across diverse sectors, including civil infrastructure, mining, oil & gas, architecture, engineering & construction, and various government agencies.

The core of Pointerra's offering is its cloud-based solution, which leverages advanced compression, visualisation, and analytics algorithms to index extensive 3D datasets. Pointerra holds both granted and provisional Patent Applications in multiple countries and jurisdictions. The platform empowers users to dynamically search, access, visualise, analyse, and share 3D data hosted by Pointerra, fostering accessibility and collaboration across devices, locations, and time.

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