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Company Overview

SeaStock is the leading producer and processor of certified Asparagopsis in Western Australia for supply to global growing markets.

CSRIO researchers have found that a diet containing 0.2% Asparagopsis reduces bovine methane by 98%.

Additionally it has been found that the animal may experience more weight gain from less feed when fed Asparagopsis.

The study showed potential of a 20% growth rate enhancement during 90 day feeding period as methane generation for the animal is energy intensive.

The company has developed a unique and differentiated business model supported by the leading research team at SA-based Flinders University in order to develop cultivation and value adding IP to supply established long term off take partners domestically and internationally.

About Future Feed

FutureFeed exists to support the use of Asparagopsis as a natural ingredient for livestock to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

They are the global IP holder for the technology and combine what’s good for the environment with what’s good for business.

FutureFeed build the animal science, certification and marketing to support the growth of the entire value chain and deliver supply chain access to seaweed producers through our license agreements.

SeaStock is a FutureFeed licensee.

Flinders University - Technical Research Partner

SeaStock and Flinders University are further progressing their exclusive multi-year R&D collaboration program and have recently entered phase two of their research trial.

Culturing of tetrasporophytes and the early stage of gametophytes has now been successfully developed in the laboratory onsite at Flinders University. The marine research team also announced in early 2023 that they are getting closer to cultivating Asparagopsis Taxiformis at all life stages.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates that food production must increase by 60% by 2050 to feed exponential population growth.

It is essential that this is done in a sustainable manner that is in line with domestic and international governments’ net zero targets as livestock production is currently responsible for a larger global warming impact than all cars world wide. SeaStock aims to grow adjacent markets exploring the production of low carbon, beef, dairy and leather.

There is growing demand both domestically and globally for low carbon products across the board, with Coles becoming the first major Australian supermarket to produce a carbon neutral beef product in April 2022 in Victoria with a national roll out anticipated by the end of 2022.

The market both domestically and internationally is expected to grow exponentially as governments, organizations and consumers increasingly focus on reduced net zero targets and businesses which authentically tackle climate change and emissions reductions.

Board & Management

Tom Puddy

Tom Puddy

Managing Director

Tom has 27 years of corporate Australian Agricultural and Food Industry experience with a strong track record in the delivery of growth strategies, international trade marketing and commerce.

Key career experience that will benefit SeaStock’s growth include;

  • CEO for Universal Biosecurity Ltd, delivering a sustainable fumigation technology solution for invasive pests.
  • Developed and implemented a bulk wheat export marketing strategy for Co-Operative Bulk Handling during the grain industries deregulation period
  • Created the investment strategy and project delivery for Blue Lake Milling - Australia’s largest oat milling and food processing business.
  • The development of the Craig Mostyn Groups containerized grain & hay exporting business.
Bryant Mclarty

Bryant Mclarty


Bryant is an Australian Financial Services Licensee with 25+ years’ real experience in Equities & Capital Markets. Founder, Chairman and Director of many successful Private, ASX and LSE companies. Current Chairman of Mac Equity Partners and Executive Director of Universal Biosecurity.

Past directorships include London Stock Exchange listed aircraft leasing company Avation (AVAP), ASX listed hydrogen and graphite production company Hazer Group (HZR), portable brain scanner technology development company EMvision (EMV), PharmAust (PAA) and synthetic chemistry business Epichem. IPO lead manager for Remsense, Wide Open Agriculture (WOA), Nanollose (NC6), Pharmaust (PAA), EMvision (EMV) and Hazer (HZR).

Tom Chaney

Tom Chaney

Chief Technical Officer

Tom joins the team from Woodside where he worked for the past five years as a technologist based in WA, responsible for the commercialisation of various technologies and for conducting market research into remote sensing technologies.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering (Space) with Honours from the University of Sydney. His areas of focus and expertise include commercial and technical engineering project development, technical analysis, robotics and IOT, logistics and design.

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