Sovereign Metals Limited (ASX:SVM)

A New Force in Rutile.

About Us

Sovereign controls a globally significant, strategic rutile province across its large ground holding in Malawi, with its flagship project Kasiya, the world’s largest natural rutile deposit.

Company Overview

Sovereign Metals Limited (SVM) is at the forefront of mineral exploration and resource project development, with a dedicated focus on identifying and appraising valuable mineral resources. A key player in the mining industry, SVM is committed to the exploration and development of critical minerals that are essential for the global titanium and battery markets. The company’s efforts are concentrated on its landmark project in Malawi, the Kasiya rutile-graphite project, which is pivotal to SVM's mission.

The Kasiya project in Malawi represents a cornerstone in Sovereign’s portfolio, housing the world's largest natural rutile deposit and one of the largest flake graphite deposits globally. This discovery has positioned SVM as the steward of a globally significant rutile province, highlighting its strategic importance in the supply of environmentally friendly critical minerals.

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