Wide Open Agriculture Limited (ASX:WOA)

Creating food and drink products that build a better future for people and the planet.

About Us

Wide Open Agriculture strives for a future where sustainable farming knows no limits. Committed to community nourishment, land regeneration, and a resilient food system, they pioneer regenerative practices that go beyond sustainability. With a focus on transparency, ethical operations, and support for local farmers, they foster biodiversity and soil health. As stewards of the land, they connect people to their food source and inspire a global shift towards a more sustainable future.

Company Overview

A movement committed to cultivating a regenerative and ethical future for agriculture. Founded with a vision to break free from conventional norms, Wide Open Agriculture prioritizes respect and care for the land, aiming for abundant harvests and a flourishing ecosystem. Going beyond sustainability, the commitment involves embracing regenerative farming practices that invigorate the soil, restore ecosystems, and uplift communities, recognizing the interconnectedness of the company's actions as stewards of the land.

The impact extends globally as the company champions local farmers, responsibly sources, and prioritizes community well-being. With transparency and integrity at its core, Wide Open Agriculture invites individuals to trace the origins of their food, celebrating the incredible journey from soil to plate.

Board and Management

Anthony (Maz) Maslin

Anthony (Maz) Maslin

Founder and Chairman

Maz is an entrepreneur and visionary in the world of social and environmental change. He is driven to bring new meaning and hope to the world through his companies and his work. He started as a stockbroker 25 years ago, managing capital raisings and providing ethical investment advice. In 1998 he founded Solar Energy Systems Ltd (now Solco Ltd), which became the first solar energy company to list on the ASX. Since then he has consulted to and managed various listed companies, including five years as Managing Director of Buxton Resources Ltd. In 2015 Maz and his wife Rin founded community art hub the Artspace Collective. They also founded and run the Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin Foundation, which focuses on early intervention for dyslexia.

Ben Cole

Ben Cole

Managing Director

With a PhD in environmental engineering, Ben has a passion for start-up and growth companies. He believes that for profit, for purpose enterprises play a vital role in building an equitable economy and healthy planet.  Between 2008 and 2013 he founded, managed and sold a profitable, social enterprise – Karibon - in Vietnam. A genuine start-up from invention through to sales, Ben gained valuable experience in business development and management. Ben has been a leader in the design and implementation of market-based, water supply and sanitation projects in countries with developing economies, totalling up to A$45 million.

Joanne Ford

Joanne Ford

Non-Executive Director

Joanne is an experienced director and executive, with over 30 years experience in ASX and international listed groups, start-ups and not for profit companies.

Sam Wright

Sam Wright

Company Secretary

Mr. Wright has extensive experience in relation to public company responsibilities, including ASX and ASIC compliance, control and implementation of corporate governance, statutory financial reporting and shareholder relations. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and the Chartered Secretaries of Australia. Mr. Wright is currently a Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary of ASX listed company, PharmAust Limited. He is also Company Secretary for Buxton Resources Limited and Structural Monitoring Systems plc.

Jay Albany

Jay Albany

Chief Executive Officer

Jay has spent his career building better networks to access quality food, and is keen to build a new channel that connects consumers to regenerative farmers in WA.

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